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Your Home, Your Sanctuary: How to Simply Warm Up the Place You Call Home


2020 brought some unexpected changes, including the sudden work-from-home development. While some may be officially back in the office, many companies have normalized the WFH vibe, and some even prefer it. (Saves on office space rent, right?) No matter your work situation, our homes have become our little sanctuaries throughout the past year. It is now more important than ever to put careful thought into your home and the role it plays in your new lifestyle. We’ve compiled some awesome tips and tricks that are guaranteed to create a more warm and inviting feel. Whether you want to freshen up your space in the new year, or focus on making your home more of a sanctuary, these tips are bound to inspire some new ideas!

Let your front door and entryway set the tone

Don’t underestimate good curb appeal. A bright welcome mat and fun signs are easy to find, and a simple way to set an inviting tone from the start. Add a big green leafy plant near the inside of your door, and offset this with neutral colors like black, cream and taupe.

Use color to highlight specific walls and details

Consider a guest’s first view of your space and pay special attention to designing the farthest point of that view. Paint the far wall across from your front door in a bold accent color, add fun art or lighting, or anything else that will capture attention. This will almost literally pull people into and through your home, creating this feeling that they want to stay awhile and explore your space.

Incorporate plants of all different textures and sizes

Plants bring life into a space, and add natural hues of green and other colors that are warm and inviting. Plants of different textures create a cozy feeling, and are natural decorations that double as great conversation pieces. Try to purchase plants that complement your color scheme and overall decoration theme.

Go overboard with soft textiles too

Layer thick, plush and thin, woven rugs across your wood floor to warm up the space. Incorporate decorative yet useful floor pillows, ottomans (better yet if they include storage!), and try out different blanket textures. Layer a knit blanket over a fleece blanket. Varying textures can change the feel of an entire room!

Soften straight and harsh lines

This is especially necessary with the growing popularity of modern furniture that includes clean, straight lines and neutral, basic colors. Work on incorporating round rugs, pillows and wall decor to balance the clean, straight lines throughout the room. Focus on throwing soft, chunky blankets over couches and chairs that are otherwise stiff-looking.

Your home is your sanctuary!

As you can see, a few simple steps can change your home from a cold, messy place to an environment where you can feel safe, productive and comfortable. Through the past year, our homes have become our offices, our entertainment centers, our restaurants, and our protection from the world. Why not create a sanctuary within your space? Make it cozy, warm and safe. But most importantly, make it yours!

We’d love to see what you create within your sanctuary. Feel free to share your cozy space with us on Facebook or Instagram!

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