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Kitchen Renovation Season: Some 2021 Kitchen Trends We're Inspired By

When it comes to the kitchen, some things are timeless — it must be clean, functional and comfortable. After all, it is the heart of every home. Despite this however, every year brings a new mix of kitchen trends that we must share! Whether you’re prepared for some demolition into a sleek new kitchen, or you’re looking to style on a budget, we’ve compiled some of the top kitchen trends of 2021 to make your renovation that much easier!

Quality Quartz Countertops

We find many homeowners are switching from the traditional marble countertops to the increasingly popular alternative: quartz. Quartz countertops are noticeably less expensive than marble, but offer the same benefits such as sleek design and upscale style, durability and are easy to care for.

Dark Features

Contrarily, dark countertops are also trending in 2021. Dark countertops simply contrast well with kitchen cabinets in lighter woods or even white, and offer a complementary look to otherwise more bright and sterile-looking kitchens.

Wall-to-Wall Cabinetry

Let’s face it - your kitchen is full of stuff. From pantry items to kitchen gadgets, more lived-in kitchens naturally face storage issues. As a result, it’s become more popular to totally do away with open shelving in favor of wall-to-wall cabinetry. This looks cleaner and allows for much more storage opportunities, especially in smaller homes where a pantry may not exist.

In addition, the trend toward minimalist cabinets continues to grow, including clean-lined and nearly seamless cabinets with minimal hardware or touch-release features.

Multi-Level Islands

Kitchen islands have always been a popular trend - if you’ve got the space, a kitchen island increases your prep and storage space, and adds extra character to the room. More kitchen designs are including islands with multiple levels, giving the kitchen more options for food prep or seating spaces.

Energy Efficiency

With the new generations becoming more conscious of our carbon footprint, one of the biggest 2021 kitchen trends involves making your kitchen more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Consider installing new energy-efficient windows and new appliances that are more forgiving on the electricity and water bills.

Solid Choices

If mini backsplash tiles aren’t your thing, try utilizing a solid slab backsplash for your kitchen. One-piece backsplashes in materials such as marble are becoming more popular in 2021, and add a clean, seamless look to your kitchen with lots of stylish drama.

Shine, shine and shine!

Speaking of backsplashes, let’s talk about another opportunity. If you want to incorporate a little gloss into your kitchen design, consider a high-shine backsplash. From glossy finishes or paint, to glass or mirrors, backsplash is the perfect place to incorporate some shine into your kitchen!

Fashion Faucets

Small changes can make a big impact when it comes to restyling your kitchen. From contemporary, color-blocked designs to unique metallic finishes, the faucets in your kitchen can add lots of style and character to the room as a whole. Consider adding metals that compliment with other hardware and fixtures throughout your kitchen, or mix metals for a unique look. Check out our blog: Is Brass Making a Comeback? For metal and mixed metal ideas.

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