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Brick Pro - Everything You Must Know About Brick Painting and Staining in 2021

Since 2018, brick staining and painting have become popular trends for both home interiors and exteriors. Whether you love the look of exposed brick but just want to brighten your home with a smoother, more finished look; or if you are trying to cover aged and damaged brick, brick painting or staining may be a perfect option for you!

If you have considered painting or staining your brick, there are a few things you must consider. We’ve compiled a list of advice and facts around brick painting and staining, based on a lot of the questions we receive about the topic.

Brick Staining is Forever

If you paint or stain your brick be prepared to do that as regular maintenance for your home. Just like the stain on your wood fence or deck fades with time and weather, the stain on your brick will do the same, especially exterior projects.

Contrary to this point and despite its fading nature, brick paint and stain will also forever remain on the brick. (The fading is why consistent upkeep is necessary.) Some people believe that paint or stain can be sand-blasted off of brick, but this is not accurate. You can sand-blast and remove a lot of the product, but you will never fully remove the paint/stain from the brick to return it to its original color. You may risk the color looking blotchy and uneven. It’s important to talk to your painting contractor about all brick stain and paint options before making a decision.

Because brick paint and stain is forever, color choices are also important. A stain that looks great on blonde brick, for example, may look horrible on a red brick. We'll touch on testing brick paint and stain before committing to a certain color later in the article.

The Difference Between Staining and Painting Brick

Painting brick versus staining brick will result in completely different looks. A stain is somewhat transparent, making it possible to see the original color of the brick through the stain. The final color will be a blend of the brick color and the stain color. Stain is the best option to maintain the natural classic elegance of bricks while providing surface protection. But staining will not not always completely change the color of the original brick.

Brick painting is much more opaque and will lead to more even, full coloring. So ask yourself this question: Do you want to have more of a “wash” of color over the brick or do you want to completely get rid of the original color? We see interior brick painted more often than stained, and exterior brick stained more often than painted. But of course it is based on personal preference. Once you know what you want as a final product your professional paint contractor should be able to guide you in the right direction.

How Do You Test Brick Stain or Brick Paint?

Testing out a color on brick can be a little tricky because like we mentioned, you can’t really remove product from the brick once it’s on there. That being said, we do recommend that you do some test patches to see what the finished color will look like. Our suggestion is to test your colors out in a portion of the brick that is out of the way. Ideally this is on the back or side of the house – particularly spots behind AC units work well. This will help ensure you don’t have uneven coloring which is especially important if you’re looking at updating your brick (Kind Home Solutions).

Brick staining and painting has been growing in popularity over the past few years, and we have especially noticed it in older fix and flips where brick may be damaged or worn. Painted brick can produce a lovely textured look, modernize a space while simultaneously maintaining a classic style.

If you are interested in changing the look of your interior or exterior brick, we’d love to further discuss your plans and figure out if brick painting or staining would be a good option for you. Our color consultant Gretchen specializes in color palettes and interior design, and would love to chat about the brick painting or staining ideas you have in mind!

Call us today for an estimate!

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