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Pro Painters 9457 S University Blvd #186

Highlands Ranch Colorado 80126

(720) 217-5792

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House Painting

Why Hire a Professional House Painter

House painting is never an easy task regardless of whether you’re painting the inside or outside. At Pro Painters, we understand that you need a quality house painter that is reliable, trustworthy, and priced just right. We offer a variety of services to help you have a more beautiful home. Hiring a painting contractor to paint the exterior is an excellent idea, but we can also paint your walls and offer cabinet painting, as well.

As your painting company, we work hard to hear what you need or want for your house and ensure that the work gets done correctly.

How We’re Different

We offer outstanding customer service to all of our clients. A house painter must meet with you, and you must feel comfortable with them. We make sure that you know our competence without seeming arrogant.

House painting is a dying art; most people believe you can slap on a coat of paint over the old job. We know that it takes much more than that. For example, cabinet painting requires expert skill that you’re unlikely to have.

As your painting company, we offer a free color consultation to help you determine if a particular color or shade is going to work for your home. We also use the latest advanced equipment to ensure that things get done quickly and efficiently.

Hiring a local painting contractor like us makes a lot of sense. We serve many areas in Colorado, including:

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